About us

Company Overview

Our company has been established since 1982, at the central part of Greece in a place called Trikala. Due to the big number of sawmill around the area that time, our area of expertise has been in the sawmill industry.

Throught constand training and long time experince we have been able to provide solutions even to the most demanding projects. All our projects are first been desinged by our engineers in 3D software so that we make sure, quallity is constant, and your production line fit perfect for your needs.

Our company is now at the second generation under the brand name Karasiotos ike, managed by Georgios Karasiotos, and we mainly focus on new technology, automation, and how we can make our customers win more with the existing machines they already have. 


Manufacture of custom made solutions for the sawmill industry. Log transport solutions, board handling, second process sawmill machines.


Complete service of cutting tools at our company. TCT circular saw blade maintainane, wide band saw blade treatment. We pick up your cutting tools from your place and we deliver them back as well.


Complete machine reconditioning. Latest technology of mechanical, pneumatic and high pressure hydraulics is used, to make sure your machine will work with efficiency and safety. 


We manufacture any custom solution for your sawmill. Not only through classical automation but as well as latest technology. We use only the best brands such us Mitsubishi, Siemens, Unitronics for your PC, PLC and SCADA solutions.

After many years of experience in designing, organizing and manufacturing sawmills throughout Greece and abroad, we guarantee the perfect operation of your company, wherever you are. We have the knowledge and the ability to organise your company, with our primary goal of minimizing your operating costs as well as increasing your production through automated production lines.

Also, with our cooperation with the best cutting tools producers we study for you the appropriate cutting tool according to your needs, so that you can increase productivity using the latest technology in cutting wood.

Here you can see some of our projects all arount Europe