Is it forbiten to sleep while driving ???

Durring our trips somewhere in Belgium i crossed this sign. 

Apparently it is forbiten to sleep while driving....

Tractor or a restaurant ?

What do you do when a tractor accidents through your wall ? Well in Belgium they converted to a restaurant.

No a bad idea finally...

d day airplane engine
D-day North France

During our dismantlling project in North France, we had the chance to visit lot of memorial places, that D-Day took place in beaches of north France. 

Here you can see engine of airplane that has been shot down, and remained at the sea. 

Life in Lithuania countryside

Life in Lithuania is a true life in nature. Picture is taken a customer's house.

Could you live there? I could...

robot way
New way of serving beers

Well someone in hannover Messe 2017 was bored of serving beers. 

So he had a better idea to do that....


Drive to work

Well we have to drive to get from point A to point B.

The best way to do that is..... Lithounians do it better!


Lithouania - Kirvile drying kiln installation

Canada installation Complete
In summer 2015 John Lammerts Van Bueren had a dream. Βuild a sawmill in Canada, at the area of BC, in a small city called Terrace.
Fishing in Kitimat
After work relax time with friends. Fishing with boat at the open sea of north Canada.