Drying Kilns

Advanced Timber Drying Technology

We offer you the best technology in the wood drying sector


For more than 20 years, SECAL has been manufacturing timber drying equipment and technologies.


Thousands of installations throughout the world attest to SECAL’s ability to offer excellent solutions for drying any type of wood.

The innovative technologies developed have made it one of the world’s leading manufacturers of timber dryers and number one when it comes to the Global Quality of its products.

The SECAL brand is today synonymous with QUALITY, a goal achieved through technological development and ongoing research applied to each component.


This quality is also found in the other production lines:

heat treatment chambers for wood packaging and pallets in compliance with the ISPM 15 FAO regulation

steaming chambers

kilns for drying firewood

turnkey systems complete with biomass boilers and every accessory

special chambers for drying hygroscopic materials other than wood



New Products, Drying Kilns

New Products, Drying Kilns, Drying Kilns, Firewood Machines

Drying Kilns, Heat Treatment kilns

New Products, Drying Kilns, Drying Kilns

Drying Kilns, Steamer