WAVE NG is the best tool to learn how to master the welder’s skills.

Discover WAVE NG, the most performant tool to train your students for the welder and boilermaker trades.

This tool was developed to teach and test the welder’s professional skills on 3 procedures: MAGTIG and MMA. T

hanks to WAVE NG, your trainees will improve the precision of their gesture and their concentration, without risking any injury and minimizing the equipment breakage and wear risks.

Reduces the training duration by 50% and saves up to 50% of the consumables costs.

  • EDU

WAVE NG EDU uses Z-Space technology and provides a wide set of exercices to train on MAG and MMA processes, thanks to its stylus. The trainee will learn essential skills of the welding trade such as concentration, accuracy and dexterity, and will benefit from the WAVE-NG follow-up of professional motion training.

  • LITE

WAVE NG PRO is an transportable industrial solution designed for welding training organisations. It offers a comprehensive set of tools (including TIG) and exercices available in WAVE NG. This comprehensive and robust solution allows you to train efficiently your students whilst remaining mobile.


WAVE NG INDUSTRIAL is the heavy industrial solution. Intentionally designed not tobe moved , it is a 180kg integrated robot with a computer controlled mobile display screen. Depending on the student and on the exercice, the display screen positions automatically. The system is secured by locks, an emergency stop and an inverter. This equipment enables the student to train safely on his own.




New Products

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Furthermore we are expertized in timber drying, HT and special drying kilns.

Pellet production lines in cooperation from the best italian manufactures. 

Sawmills also need cutting tools for operation, we are always cooperating with the best.

As manufacturers we have our own production line of machines, you will find here custom made machines, as well as mechanisation lines.


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Software and Automation

In this section you can find solutions for inovative training from Mimbus

Modern solutions for optimising your carriage setworks as well as your board edger setworks, with PLC software of our production.