Piloting a sawmill is a complex process.

Being a sawmill operator requires a range of skills and expertise that it is hard to acquire without slowing down the production, or risking to damage the equipment. To face this training issue, MIMBUS developed WOOD-ED FACTORY.

Train your people

  • faster
  • Safer
  • Reduced machine accidents

WOOD-ED FACTORY reproduces the exact environment of the sawmill operator and allows customizing the type of wood to work on and the devices’ controls for the simulator to be adjusted to your needs.

The full range of exercises offered to the operator allow a progressive training, going from basic handling to manually piloting all the equipment movements.
WOOD-ED FACTORY offers your trainees the chance to acquire the fundamental professional skill of the job, by reducing your training costs and duration.



factory wod ed1
factrory wood ed 2

New Products

Our company is specialized in sawmilling solutions.

Furthermore we are expertized in timber drying, HT and special drying kilns.

Pellet production lines in cooperation from the best italian manufactures. 

Sawmills also need cutting tools for operation, we are always cooperating with the best.

As manufacturers we have our own production line of machines, you will find here custom made machines, as well as mechanisation lines.


Make your choise from the large list of machines we offer you


Software and Automation

In this section you can find solutions for inovative training from Mimbus

Modern solutions for optimising your carriage setworks as well as your board edger setworks, with PLC software of our production.